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haixing wedge wire screen factory

Company introduction :
Haixing Wedge wire company founded in 1986,is a major manufacture and supplier of stainless steel filtration products for professional end-users in the world.It is equipped with modern machines and latest technology for the manufacture of high quality welded wedge wire screens in various shapes and size .Now our products have been sold to many countries,such as North America ,Europe ,The Middle East etc.Because we depend on not the rests with our products and service,but also with the skill of our staff,the technical knoweledge and over 20 years of experience in the field.We have been recongnized for our excellence in customer solutions creativity flexibility and no nonsense mentality coupled with short delivery time and competitive price. Our haixing wedge wire company gives importance to the four essential principles. These are customer\'s satisfaction, high quality and competitive price and delivering on time. Our aim is to be accepted with our quality and competitive prices in the area of wire screen We believe that we will contribute to world prosperity by establishing bridges between our country and the global world. Our main products include:wedge wire screen, water well screen, tube well screen,hand pump screen,flat panel,sieve bend screen, mining screen,resin traps,header lateral,distributer and collector ,filter strainers,screen nozzle,sugar screen,rotary screen,DMS screen and so on. Please tell us your demand and then we design ,manufacture for you.Yours faithfully Joanna

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