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Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co,Ltd.

Company Introduction:
Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. Started since 1980,Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. has over twenty years experience of series wire mesh products. Our company has advanced equipment, strong technical strength, scientific management and complete inspection means to guarantee wire mesh products of high grade. Custom designs and products are also available.
paper machine clothing/paper machine fabric:include polyester forming fabrics, polyester dryer fabrics, polyester spiral dryer fabrics, spiral fabrics, spiral fabrics pulp washing fabrics, plain weaving fabrics, polyethylene fabrics, decorative fabrics, expanded food conveyor belt, Anti-static conveyer belt ,press felt,air slide fabric,non-woven fabric and so on. The products are mainly used in papermaking, printing, dying, food, salt industry, and pharmaceutical, environment protection, process hides, shoe-making, clothing, pottery and so on.
polyester filter belt,paper machine clothings,mining fabrics,stainless steel mesh,spiral belt,press filter belt,SSB forming fabric,dryer fabric,dewatering fabric,polyester mesh,press felt,pulping fabrics
Company name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co,Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Importer, Service, Other
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Offers list from this company:

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  6. [Sell] polyester spiral dryer fabric
  7. [Sell] polyester dryer fabric
  8. [Sell] air slide fabric
  9. [Sell] non woven fabric
  10. [Sell] corrugated paper belt
  11. [Sell] decorative wire mesh
  12. [Sell] welded wire fence
  13. [Sell] expanded metal
  14. [Sell] Punched Mesh
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  16. [Sell] Knitted mesh
  17. [Sell] Wire mesh shelving
  18. [Sell] stainless steel wire cloth
  19. [Sell] wire mesh machine
  20. [Sell] paper machine
  21. [Sell] woven corrugate belt
  22. [Sell] polyester press filter screen
  23. [Sell] press felt
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