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Sree rayalaseema alkalies and allied chemicals ltd

Dear Sir/Madam,
REF:GIR/ (pl quote this ref. while replying)
It gives us pleasure to provide you with the list of products from other companies of our group for your kind perusal. We have also diversified into Information Technology and FMCG business recently.
Castor Derivatives:
Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Flakes/Powder) CAS No: 8001-79-4
Wax formulations like pencils, crayons and polishes.
Cosmetics and toiletries like lipsticks and anti-perspirant sticks.
Processing aid for rubber and plastics.
Metal drawing lubricants.
Packing , sealant ,castings and coatings.
Source of 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid.
12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid (Flakes/Powder) CAS No: 106-14-9
APPLICATIONSMajor component in Lithium and Calcium based multipurpose heavy duty greases.
Cosmetics, wax blends, polishes, inks and hot melt adhesives.
Coatings in both solvent and water based system and plasticizer.
Activator and internal lubricant for natural and synthetic rubbers.
Source for industrial Oleo-chemicals.
Ricinoleic Acid (Liquid) CAS No: 141-22-0
Soaps, amine compounds, esters in cutting oils, industrial lubricants, emulsifiers, metal working compounds.
Transparent soaps and high solids liquid soaps
Dispersion of pigments and dyes
Resins, thermosetting acrylics and non-drying plasticizing esers.
Fibers and textiles
Quaternary ammonium compounds based on ricinoleates and hydroxystearates for cosmetics, skin and hair care, personal products, germicides and textile processing agents.
Ricinoleate soaps have been patented as algaecides for aquaculture systems.
Chlor-Alkali Products :
Caustic Soda Flakes (99% Membrane Cell Tech) CAS No: 1310-73-2
for Soaps, Aluminum,All Pharmaceuticals & Drugs,Paper, Oil Refinery, Power Indus.
Liquid Chlorine (900 Kg cyls) CAS No: 7782-50-5
All Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Water Treatment, Plastics
Hydrochloric Acid (Comml Gr) CAS No: 7647-01-0
Iron & Steel, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Heavy Water Plants,
Potassium Hydroxide(KOH-Lye / Flakes) CAS No:1310-58-3
for Soap, Pharma,ONGC, Wire Drawing.
Sodium Hypo-Chlorite (Liquid)
Water treatment, Aqua, Swimming Pools
Barium Sulphate
Paints, Batteries, Ink, Adhesives
Fatty Acids and Soaps:
Various Grades of Stearic Acids (Flakes -Cosmetic, PC, Textile, Rubber etc)
for Textile, Cosmetic, Dyes, Buffing Compound, Rubber, PVC Pipes, PVC compounds,
Plastics, Tyres, Stearite Indus, Mineral Adhesives,
Metal soap industries, Calcium Carbonate Indus, Water Proofing Cements,Greases,
Bangles, Cut Oils, Soap Jelleys
IW Grade Glycerine & CP Gr
..Pharma, Ink, Tooth-Paste, Drug Indus,Soap Jellyes,
Paint Industires, GMS (Glycol Mono Stearite) Industries
Royal Saffron Sandal (100 gm sandal wood soap)
Cool Lime Soap (125 gm cake-Bathing Bar)
Group Co-SRHHL Products:
Calcium Hypo-Chlorite (Aqua culture, Swimming Pools)
(65% and above-in the form of granules, Compact granules & Tablets)
Mono-Chloro Acetic Acid (
Chloro-Sulphonic Acid
Stable Bleaching Powder
We now look forward to receive your kind expression of interest on any of above products, for our needful doing further.
Great Regards
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