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Nantong Helia Plastic Co., Ltd. is a solely Taiwanese-invested company. We are mainly engaged in PVC leather (artificial leather), PU leather (synthetic leather), semi-PU leather, PVC sponge / foam leather, space / micro fiber PU leather, glossy leather, breathable leather, hole leather, crocodile leather, ball leather, shoe leather, sofa leather, bag leather, glove leather, and garment leather.
We also specialize in soft PVC film, rigid PVC sheet, semi-clear PVC sheet, thermoforming film, inflatable PVC film, printed PVC sheet, PVC wood grain sheet, PVC coated fabric, tarpaulin, nylon plastic, and other plastic products.
We have 7 calendering lines for PVC leather, 6 production lines (3 wet while 3 dry) for PU leather, 6 production lines for rigid PVC film, and 9 production lines for soft PVC film.
Our products are widely used for shoe upper and shoe lining, bags, garments, gloves, balls, furniture, sofas, cars and vehicles (decorations, covers of seats, steering wheels), stationery, photo albums, name cards, tablecloth, shower curtains, raincoats, water pools, camping tents, truck covering, wallpaper, ground mats, sandals, and boxes.
We have powerful ability to reach special requirements, like EN-71, European Union Standard 2, and EU Test requirement. Our products are of excellent pealing, tear strength, weathering resistance, flame residence, cold resistance, mildew resistance, and high temperature resistance according to customer requirements.
Monthly we have some PVC and PU stock from showroom which was eliminated.
Our factory is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. Nantong is a harbor city besides the Yangtze River and close to Shanghai International Port. With this superior geographical position, our goods transportation to all over world is very convenient.
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  6. [Sell] PVC Film for Wallpaper
  7. [Sell] PVC Sheet for Inflatable Toys
  8. [Sell] PVC Film for Tablecloth
  9. [Sell] pvc/pu leather--garment leather
  10. [Sell] PVC/PU automobile leather
  11. [Sell] PVC Sofa Leather
  12. [Sell] Semi-clear pvc film
  13. [Sell] PVC sponge/foam sheet
  14. [Sell] pvc/pu leather for shoe lining
  15. [Sell] Microfiber PU Leather
  16. [Sell] Pvc & non-pvc sheet of wooden grain for decoration
  17. [Sell] PVC Printed Sheet
  18. [Sell] PVC Furniture Leather
  19. [Sell] PET printed sheet
  20. [Sell] PVC Flooring
  21. [Sell] Soft PVC film/sheet
  22. [Sell] PVC/PU leather -- automobile leather HL-012
  23. [Sell] PVC/PU leather -nubuck
  24. [Sell] pvc/pu leather--glossy leather
  25. [Sell] pvc/pu leather--glove leather
  26. [Sell] embossed pvc sheet/film
  27. [Sell] pvc ceiling film
  28. [Sell] PVC sheet/film -- tablecloth
  29. [Sell] PVC coated fabric/tarpaulin
  30. [Sell] PVC leather/artificial leather---HL-018
  31. [Sell] PU leather, semi-PU leather---HL-019
  32. [Sell] pvc/pu leather--shoe leather HL-007
  33. [Sell] pvc/pu leather--ball leather
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