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Hongye Jie Techonology Co.Ltd Shenzhen

We are manufacturer specializing in silicone,silicone rubber,RTV-2 silicon,RTV-2 silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber,RTV silicone ,pad printing silicon, mold silicone ,spin casting silicone,trademark silicone rubber,addition cure silicone,HTV silicone rubber ,mold making silicone,lead-zinc alloy silicone,RTV silicon,pad printing silicone,special silicon for shoe soles silicone, encapsulants and potting compound,silicone mold,liquid silicone,shoe mold rubber ,hot stamping silicone plate,hot stamping silicone roller,shoe soles silicone, molding silicone rubber, molding silicon,gross rubber,high temperature silicone,manual molding,high temperature silicon,baby nipple silicone rubber,Lifecasting,shoe soles silicone rubber,silicone products ,food grade silicone rubber,etc.
Company name: Hongye Jie Techonology Co.Ltd Shenzhen Company type: Manufacturer, Service
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Manual Mold Design Silicone Rubber
  2. [Sell] pad printing silicone rubber
  3. [Sell] molding silicone rubber
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