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CROP TECHNOLOGY GROUP is young corporate established in January 2010. Idea and begin of CROP ascend to year 2000. During 10 years our product managers, meet many customers demands in energetic, which lead to create unified products, which are acceptable for West and East energetic norms. CROP Technology Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer of electrical device for distribution line and overhead line system. We are one the of factory belong to CROP group located in east of China.
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] overhead service cut-out 400A andc Carrier
  2. [Sell] Hot-dip Galvanized,Strain clamp bolt type,NLL,NLD
  3. [Sell] Copper tinned cable lug JGA
  4. [Sell] Hex Head Bolt furnished with Square Nut
  5. [Sell] Machine Bolts, Square Head for pole line accessory
  6. [Sell] Flush Mounting Distribution Box DBF Series
  7. [Sell] Copper tinned cable lug with window JGk
  8. [Sell] Copper tinned cable lug AUS
  9. [Sell] Copper tinned cable lug with window JGY
  10. [Sell] Copper tinned cable lug SC,male disconnectors
  11. [Sell] self-drilling screw,self-tapping screw
  12. [Sell] Copper Aluminum cable lug DTL1, Bimetallic
  13. [Sell] Copper cable lug GT
  14. [Sell] Copper cable lug DT
  15. [Sell] Copper cable lug GTL,Connecting tube,Oil seal
  16. [Sell] Copper cable lug OT
  17. [Sell] HDG Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp,Cu-Al
  18. [Sell] High Voltage Drop-Out Fuse Cut Out
  19. [Sell] Piercing Connectors
  20. [Sell] Insulated blade terminals,red copper cable lugs, D
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