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Datacorp Traders Group

The Group was created with the purpose of offering all the information of its trading items to buyers and sellers of the world.The Group consists of about sixty(60) trade firms who are specialized by commodity.Most of firms are the member of "Chamber of Commerce
& Industry" in Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya,Yokohama or Tokyo, individually the small
and medium companies and are rather specialized in second-hand items.
Established in 1989.
They are looking for serious importers & exporters who are interested in their trading items.Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiries by E-mail.
Thanks & regards
Company name: Datacorp Traders Group Company type: Service, Other
Contact Person: (Premium Membership required) Email: Send Inquiry
Address: (Premium Membership required) City: (Premium Membership required)
State: (Premium Membership required) Country: Japan Datacorp Traders Group
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] Cultivator & Combine Harvester(used)
  2. [Sell] Used Tractor for Agri Use
  3. [Sell] Used Farm Tractors
  4. [Sell] Second-hand Air-conditioner
  5. [Sell] Second-hand Television
  6. [Sell] Televisions(second-hand)
  7. [Sell] Air-conditioner(Used/Refurbished)
  8. [Sell] Televisions(used/re-conditioned)
  9. [Sell] Second-hand Refrigerator
  10. [Sell] Air-conditioner(used/re-conditioned)
  11. [Sell] Second-hand Electric Home Appliance
  12. [Sell] Televisions(Used/Refurbished)
  13. [Sell] Refrigerator(Used/Refurbished)
  14. [Sell] Hrc, crc, gic, tfs
  15. [Sell] Hrc, crc, gic, egc, tin
  16. [Sell] Plastic Resin
  17. [Sell] Plastic Resin(virgin/off-grade)
  18. [Sell] Used Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  19. [Sell] Used Injection Molding Machine (Japanese brand)
  20. [Sell] Second-hand Piano
  21. [Sell] Second-hand Pianos (Japanese brands)
  22. [Sell] Used/Refurbished Motor, Generator, Transformer
  23. [Sell] Tractors for Agriculture use(Used-Japanese Brand)
  24. [Sell] Used Construction Machines(Japanese Brands)
  25. [Sell] Spare Parts for Japanese Construction Machine
  26. [Sell] Used Mini Excavator
  27. [Sell] Used Forklift (Japanese Brands)
  28. [Sell] Offset Printing Machine(used)
  29. [Sell] Generator(second-hand)
  30. [Sell] Used Machine Tools-drilling/boring/milling
  31. [Sell] Used Machinery-Press(Japanese Brand)
  32. [Sell] Used Machinery - Slitter/Leveller/Straightener
  33. [Sell] Used Machine Tools-lathe/planer/grinder
  34. [Sell] Used Machine Tools - drilling/boring/milling
  35. [Sell] Used Engines for Japanese car
  36. [Sell] Used & Reconditioned Engines for Japanese car
  37. [Sell] Second hand Engines for Japanese car
  38. [Sell] Second-hand Car Parts
  39. [Sell] Second-hand Car Tire from Japan
  40. [Sell] Over-stock Car Tire(Brand New)
  41. [Sell] Second-hand Car Tire
  42. [Sell] Car Tire (Brand New - Over stock)
  43. [Sell] Second-hand Tire
  44. [Sell] Used Bus
  45. [Sell] Used Truck(Japanese Brand)
  46. [Sell] Japanese Car (Brand New-RHD/LHD)
  47. [Sell] Used Trucks(RHD)
  48. [Sell] Used mini Bus(RHD)
  49. [Sell] Japanese Car(Used-RHD)
  50. [Sell] Used Truck(RHD-Japanese Brand)
  51. [Sell] Used Motorcycle
  52. [Sell] Replacement Parts for Japanese Construction Machine
  53. [Sell] Construction Machines(used)
  54. [Sell] Construction Machines(Used-Japanese Brands)
  55. [Sell] Used Construction Machines
  56. [Sell] Spare Parts for Japanese Construction Machine & Forklift
  57. [Sell] Used/ Refurbished Computers & Monitors
  58. [Sell] Monitors(Used/ Refurbished)
  59. [Sell] Computers & Monitors(Used/ Refurbished)
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