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Dalian Anda Imp. & Exp. Corp., Ltd.

Dalian Anda Imp. and Exp. Corp., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade corporation authorized by China Foreign Trade & Economy Cooperation Bureau with registered capital of RMB12,600,000 and average annual export value of USD 30 million. We mainly handle
Fried bean curds: Fried Bean curds pocket, Udon Fried bean curds, Fried bean curds slice.
Snacks: embryo of Prawn crackers and sticks in white, red, green, yewllow, golden and pink respectively, Lobster crackers, Colored prawn crackers and sticks, Shellfish crackers and sticks, Crab crackers and sticks, Squid crackers and sticks, Seaweed crackers and sticks, Chili prawn crackers, Chili colored prawn crackers and sticks, Prawn potato crackers, Thai taste chili prawn crackers, Fish sticks, Six taste seafood crackers, potato chip and embryo of potato chips, expanded snacks and fry crackers, and instant crackers.
Health drink or herbal tea: instant ginger tea, instant ginseng tea, instant bitter buckwheat tea, instant baby chrysanthemum tea, instant date tea, instant plum tea, instant barley tea, instant tea powder, tea bag.
Health care or personal care product: body warmer, bath foot massager, massage mattress, mattress with foam and coir.
Food processing machine: Potato chips and French fries cutting machine, potato washing and peeling machine, oil press, dried food deoiler, fryer, frying machine, Potato chips and French fries making machines, fruit and vegetable washing and packing machine, ice pops making production line, juice filling and sealing machine, fruit juice filling production line, soybean peeling machine, peas peeling machine, potato washing machine, potato dicer, onion slicer, meat grinder, mashed ginger cutter, banana chips cutter, ice lolly making machine, ice cream making machine, mung bean peeler, food miller, cornflake processing machines, concentrated fruit paste production line and etc..
Car parts: tires for car or truck, car tires fixing bolts.
Fast soups or seasoning: stock cubes.
Home use: potato peeler.
Car parts: tires for car or truck, car tires fixing bolts, tractor and trailer for containers.
Construction equipment: bricks making machine
Health supply: disposable syringe
Company name: Dalian Anda Imp. & Exp. Corp., Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Other
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] multi-functional vegetable cutting machine
  2. [Sell] meat grinder
  3. [Sell] potato dicer
  4. [Sell] banana chips cutting machine
  5. [Sell] onion slice cutter
  6. [Sell] mashed ginger cutter
  7. [Sell] oil press
  8. [Sell] ice cream making machine
  9. [Sell] ice lolly making machine
  10. [Sell] ice pops filling and sealing machine
  11. [Sell] fruit juice production line
  12. [Sell] juice filling and sealing machines
  13. [Sell] fruit and vegetable washing and packing production line
  14. [Sell] Potatoes washing machine
  15. [Sell] root type vegetable washing machine
  16. [Sell] leaf type vegetable washing machine
  17. [Sell] cocao powder complete machines
  18. [Sell] cornflakes processing machines
  19. [Sell] concentrated mango juice production line
  20. [Sell] bricks making machine
  21. [Sell] potato chips and french fries cutting machine
  22. [Sell] food powder miller
  23. [Sell] onion peeler
  24. [Sell] mung bean peeler
  25. [Sell] sweet corn threshing machine
  26. [Sell] Peas peeling machine
  27. [Sell] Soybean peeling machine
  28. [Sell] potato washing and peeling machine
  29. [Sell] French fries and potato chips making machines
  30. [Sell] fryer
  31. [Sell] deoiler
  32. [Sell] instant ginger tea
  33. [Sell] stock cubes
  34. [Sell] prawn crackers
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