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HY- E642 Addition Molding Silicone

HY- E642 addition molding silicone is generally named two-components silicone rubber, Part A and part B. It features an exceptional fluidity and good operability.The mixing ratio is 1:1,mainly be suitable for making molds application.
Applications of addition molding silicone
HY- E642 addition molding silicone could be mainly used for making concrete stones, precision molds, PU molds, resin molds, gypsum casting, candle molding,for life casting, fabric finishing, seal for electronic components and solar circuit board, trademark decoration. etc.
OPERRATING INSTRUCTION of HY-E642 addition molding silicone:
Stir part A and part B with right mixing ratio (1:1) evenly. And get the mixture for vacuum-pumping. (If there is no vacuumize , you can just pour the mixture slowly from the corner so that less bubbles caused)
Enclose the product (the original model) with four plastic plates or wooden plates.
Clean your products and brush a layer of release agent (detergent or soap water) on your product.
Pour the mixture with correct mixing ratio into the model frame.
After about 2-4 hours, when the silicone cured, get out the original model, and there you get a finished addition cured silicone mold .
SHELF LIFE: Twelve (12) months from date of shipment when stored at 24℃ in original unopened packages.
PACKAGE: Packed in clean 20kg/pail+20kg/pail, 200kg/pail+200kg/pail.
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Mobile: 86-18938861889
Tel: 86-755-89212380
Website: www(dot)szrl(dot)net
Category: Arts & Furniture / Crafts Placement Date: Aug 08, 2015 GMT
Company name: Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. Company type: Importer, Service, Other
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