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lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968

The lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968 can be used for a long period and maintain softness and elasticity within a temperature range of -65°C ~ 200°C with the characteristics of excellent electrical performance and chemical stability, waterproof, ozone and climate resistance, non-corrosiveness, physical inertia, non-toxic,odourless, low linear shrinkage, easy operation, etc.
Using instructions of the lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968:
Mix component A and component B evenly according to the mixing proportion of 1:0.95-1.05, and can be poured after deaired the bubbles. The operating time (0.5-3) hrs depends on the temperature; the curing time is 12-24 hrs at the room temperature; and the curing time can be reduced to 10 minutes with the temperature increased to 80~120°C. The operating time of the room temperature quick drying type is less than 20 minutes and the curing time is 1 hour. The product can be produced in red, yellow, etc. according to the customer's requirements.
Precautions of the lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968:
lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968 is platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber, water, impurity, organic tin catalyst, acid, alkaline and other organisms containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen will influence the vulcanization of the silicon rubber. So, please do not mix with or touch those substances during using.
Package of the lifecasting silicone rubber HY-968:
Component A and B are in 20kg per drum. Transportation regard as non-hazardous goods, with shelf life of half year, hermetically sealed, with prevention from being in contact with acid, alkaline, and other impurities.
If you want to know more information about the product, please feel free to contact Ms.hebbe:
Email: hongyehebbe(at)hotmail(dot)com
Mobile: 86-18938861889
Tel: 86-755-89212365
Website: www(dot)szrl(dot)net
Category: Arts & Furniture / Crafts Placement Date: Aug 08, 2015 GMT
Company name: Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. Company type: Importer, Service, Other
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