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High gloss PVC sheet

1. Thickness: 0.13mm-0.25mm, Width: 0.94m-1.38m
2. This product has glittering and luxurious surface, with good property such as corrosion resistance, damp proof, and anti rust, easy to clean and install.
3. Colors: elegant colors, glamorous and stereoscopic patterns, with unique sparking luster, bright and clear.
4. Good physical properties and chemical resistance: meet with many tests such as flexibility, collision resistance, weathering resistance, flame retardant, etc.
5. Application: widely used as decoration materials for buses, boats and bathes, electric equipments such as refrigerator, washing machine, hotplate, water dispenser, microwave oven, range hood, etc. And also the decoration materials for ceiling boards, cubicles, cabinets, wall boards.
Category: Arts & Furniture / Decoration Placement Date: Nov 27, 2017 GMT
Company name: NANTONG HELIA PLASTIC CO.,LTD Company type: Manufacturer, Service, Other
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