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Membrane Press Film

1. Thickness: 0.35mm-0.5mm, Width: 0.94m-1.38m
2. Vivid color; except the mist surface, brightness film can also be produced, with strong light resistance, but no discoloring and no fading; stable color and luster; easy to process for its unique formulation and excellent backing coatings; high stain resistant, easy to clean, anti-temperature, good adhesive, anti- scratch, environmental protection without heavy metals. We can provide both pvc and non-pvc materials.
3. Application: widely used for decoration materials of wall boards, cabinets, doors.
Category: Arts & Furniture / Decoration Placement Date: Nov 27, 2017 GMT
Company name: NANTONG HELIA PLASTIC CO.,LTD Company type: Manufacturer, Service, Other
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