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Silicine rubber for manual mold

Applications of silicine rubber for manual moid :
Silicone rubber is mainly applicable to manual mold design, PVC plastic molds, cement product molds, melting point alloy molds, alloy toy craftworks, plastic toy craftworks, gifts and stationery, large statues, duplication of cultural relics, shoe sole mold fabrication, pad printing positioning, shock resistance for electronic equipments, etc.

Description of RTV molding silicone rubber:
Silicine rubber for manual moid is flowing liquid with consistant quality in whatever color. It consists of two components, wherein component A is silicone rubber, and component B is curing agent or vulcanizing agent. Firstly process and prepare the model mold or the product to be duplicated, take certain amount of the silicone rubber, add 2-3% solidifying agent, and mix evenly for use. One mold pair can be solidified and formed in 2-3 hours. The formed mold can be used repeatedly without deformation and water shrinkage and with high temperature resistance, thereby providing fast duplication of the product with a product shrinkage 2. The 418 manual mold silicon is mainly applicable to manual molds and small number of product duplication.

Operation Instruction of RTV molding silicone rubber::
1. The manual mold silicon is applied to small products or products with fine patterns. The mold for the fine detailed and small products should be made of soft silicon to protect the products from easy breaking when demoulding.
2. If large product duplication or fabrication, the mold should be made of higher hardness silicone rubber so that the products made will not deform.

Any questions of Silicine rubber for manual mold, please feel free to contact ms yif :
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Category: Chemicals / Rubber Placement Date: Mar 27, 2014 GMT
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