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Bio-Diesel Purification Resin BC800

BC800 is a dry bead form polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin. It has excellent physical and chemical properties such as high capacity and operating capacity, lower pressure drop, well physical and chemical stability. The product is used in the removal of glycerine and soaps from biodiesel. It can remove soaps and salts simultaneously. It can be as dehydrating agent, catalysts
Appearance:Black / Dark brown spherical beads
PolymerMatrix Structure :Styrene - DVB
Type:Gelstrong acid
FunctionalGroup :R—(SO3)-M+
IonicForm :H+
MoistureContent %≤3
Capacityin Volume mmol/ml≥1.8
ShippingWeight g/ml 0.78– 0.83
Densityg/ml 1.17– 1.22
WholeBead Rate %≥99
Category: Food & Beverages / Other Placement Date: May 31, 2014 GMT
Company name: Suzhou Bojieresin Technology Co., Ltd Company type: Manufacturer, Service, Other
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