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Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs

Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs
Perpendicular Nylon Fibers act like a soft brush and allow improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the Nylon fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. Sample stays close to the surface allowing easier elution.
Ergonomic and Anatomic Design:
For improved patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection.
Rapid Automatic Elution:
Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media.
Improved Sample Collection:
Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects liquid by capillarity.
Quantitative Volume Transfer:
Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube.
Handle Size Specification,
Total Length with Flocked Fiber : 151mm
Handle Length only : 148mm
Handle Diameter : 2.5mm
Flex Tip Outer Diameter : 1.1mm
100pcs/Box; 50 Boxes/Case or 5000pcs/Case.
Category: Machinery & Tools / Other Placement Date: Jul 21, 2014 GMT
Company name: Shenzhen Microcosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Service
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State: (Premium Membership required) Country: China Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs
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