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Export water treatment agents

Dear Sirs,
We avail ourselves of this opportunity to approach you for the establishment of trade relations with you. We are handling the export of water treatment agents. They sells well in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and South America etc., and became famous packing and goods. Local client and user are very interested in our products. Our products are used for fish process, shrimp pool, disinfection of the swimming pool water, medical apparatus, environment of public place, drinking water, etc. It is used as bleaching agent, deodorizer, chlorination agent, industrial water treatment, wool strengthening and so on. We mainly deal with products as follows:

Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA)
Available chlorine: 90%min.
Form: in powder/granular/tablet
pH Value: 2.7-3.3
Insoluble material: 0.1%max.
Moisture: 0.5% max.
UN No.: 2468
Packing in 50kg net plastic drum.
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate(SDIC)
Available chlorine: 56%/60%min.
Form: in powder/granular
pH Value: 5.8-6.6
Insoluble material: 0.1%max.
Moisture: 4%max.
UN No.: 2465
Packing in 50kg net plastic drum.
Calcium Hypochlorite via calcium process:
Available chlorine: 65%min.
Form: in powder/granular
Moisture: 5%max.
Insoluble material: 12%
UN No.: 1748
Packing in 45kg net plastic drum.

Calcium Hypochlorite via sodium process:
Available chlorine: 65%/70%min.
Form: in granular
Moisture: 5-8%
Insoluble material: 5%max.
UN No.: 2880
Packing in 40kg net plastic drum.
Should any of the items be of interest to your company, please let us know.
We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt of your detailed requirements.
We are pleased to work with you in near future and looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you with favorable reply, we remain.
Best regards,
Zhang Zhi Jian
Fax: 0086 22 88331650
Category: Raw Materials / Forestry Placement Date: Oct 24, 2006 GMT
Company name: PROFESSIONAL EXPORTER OF DISINFECTANT Company type: Importer, Manufacturer
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