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JJJ Series Precision Oil-Purifying Dispenser

Used for major repairing and installing device, and emergency operation for device’s out-door work. Purifying, removing impurity substance, charging oil and depurating oil pip system, accuracy purifying for medium and low viscosity coefficient turbine oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, internal combustion engine oil etc., and for long-distance or high lift oil charging.
1、Great flux, high accuracy, small size, light weight, flexible for moving, easy to operate, low cost.
2、Reasonable configuration, high efficiency, long life time,differential styles for choosing, common style, tractor style, plate and frame style, closed style, explosion-proof style .
Category: Raw Materials / Recycle Placement Date: May 31, 2013 GMT
Company name: Chongqing Jinrun Machinery Electron(oil purifier) Co.,Ltd Company type: Service, Other
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