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Hp ink cartridge are available

excellent quality!
low price!
perfect service!
as a leading manufactory in china,we have long experience in global trade.our products are popular not even in domestic market,but also in foreign market.
please feel free to contact us for forther details.i believe that you will never be disappointed
Miss Wing
Category: General & Leisure Goods / Office Supplies Placement Date: May 12, 2005 GMT
Company name: Shenzhen j-oriki Company type: Exporter, Importer, Service
Contact Person: (Premium Membership required) Email: Send Inquiry
Address: (Premium Membership required) City: (Premium Membership required)
State: (Premium Membership required) Country: China Hp ink cartridge are available
Zip: (Premium Membership required) Web: (Premium Membership required)
Phone: (Premium Membership required) Fax: (Premium Membership required)

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