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lint-free wipes/class 10 microfiber wipes

cleanroom wipes, polyester wipes, Non-woven wipes, Presaturated Cleaning Wipes, microfiber wipes, lint-free wipe. Laundered and packed in ISO Class 4 cleanroom, Low in both Particles and Extractables, Superior for spill control and general wiping in ISO Class 4 & 5 Cleanroom facilities, No detectable silicon oil, amide and DOP, stronger removal ability. Packaged in Double Bag; Variety of sizes and packing options; Abrasion and Chemical Resistant; Good Sorbency with Solvents; Soft, non-abrasive texture cleans surfaces without scratching; General Purpose Cleaning.
The Texture of wipes includes: Parallel fabric ( Single Knit), Woven pattern ( Double Knit), Plain weave, Chaotic pattern, twilled pattern, Mesh cleaning paper.
The weight of our lint-free wipes include: 35g/sqm, 56g/sqm, 60g/sqm, 68g/sqm, 90g/sqm, 115g/sqm, 120g/sqm, 135g/sqm, 140g/sqm, 145g/sqm, 160g/sqm, 170g/sqm, 180g/sqm, 190g/sqm, 200g/sqm, 210g/sqm, 230g/sqm, 250g/sqm.
Ultrasonic Seal Edge or Laser Seal Edge; size: 4''x4'',6''x6'', 9''x9'', 12''x12'', 18''x18''.
Microfiber series is designed and constructed with yarn as fine as 0.1 decitex, knitted extremely tightly to ensure wipe durability. Because of the structure of the yarn ( 30% Nylon and 70% Polyester ) the hydrophilic property of Nylon, loipophilic polyester, along with a capillary effect of the dense fabric construction, provides a high level of water absorbency and amazing wiping effect.
Our fabric goes through a high temperature, high pressure process to split the yarn to release the 8 - 16 wedge like polyester on the yarn and shrinking the cloth up to 40% to increase density. This gives an extremely soft feel to the fabric, leaving no scratches on wiped objects. With its wedge like yarn stucture, it can fit even the most uneven surface and entraps most micro dust particles and bacteria without recontaminating the wiped product.To ensure that it is extremely clean, only EDI water is used throughout the fabric production process and the class 10 cleanroom laundering process.
Category: Machinery & Tools / Other Placement Date: Jul 21, 2014 GMT
Company name: Shenzhen Microcosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. Company type: Exporter, Service
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